Audit Trail Technologies - Compliance and Tracability Solutions


Audit Ready Everyday

Audittec is self-governing, ensuring any non-conformances are escalated by email in real time to designated personnel. Escalation paths are set by non-conformance type (e.g. Minor, Major & Critical) and if a task isn’t completed within its pre-set timescale, email alerts are distributed.

Cost reduction

The solution eliminates the cost of printing ink/toner, paper, pens and archiving of storage boxes. The man hours to complete and administer audits and investigations are significantly reduced as data is accessed immediately from the database from the system.

Saves Time

Audit completion and administration is considerably quicker as the solution captures information by text by keypad, audio to text, pre-set options or by photograph.


Compliance is improved as checks/audits/procedures are completed when scheduled with date and time stamps. Any scheduled audits not completed on time are escalated as a non-conformance to an agreed escalation path.

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