Audittec – a digital auditing & compliance tool by Audit Trail Technologies

Audittec is an application already well proven within the Food Industry and is now being used in other industry sectors. Its objective is to help you improve the overall performance of your organisations’ Technical compliance.


Saves Paper

It allows you to eliminate all the paper from the process not to mention the storing of months and years of records.


Saves Time

It guarantees that your auditors are always using the updated version of each audit.


Saves Administration

It ensures your non-compliance log is always up to date and those not closed out are constantly being flagged.


Drives Compliancy

And many other benefits (see below) but in summary, it helps you eliminate many of the time-consuming chores.

Helps you insure you’re

Audit ready everyday!

A cloud based modular app available on Microsoft, Android and IOS for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones.
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Audittec: Eight modules one outcome Audit ready every day
Circles Procedure
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the solution
A Modular, ‘App’ based in the Cloud Desktop, laptop and Android & Microsoft tablet/smartphone enabled.

The benefits

  • Significant (circa 75%) of paperwork could be removed from factory.
  • Real time transparency of data & how actions are being resolved
    – The Customer having confidence that we do the right things ‘always’.
  • Ensures ‘those who need to do, do & those who need to know, know’
  • Cloud based – no investment in IT infrastructure
Archive Storage

why audittec?

Our bespoke cloud-based Audittec application improves compliance and ensures you are always audit ready.

Checks, procedures and audits are easily completed while eliminating waste, reducing man hours and collating compliance data as text, audio and images.


Customisable Reports

Reports are readily available for ease of management reporting.


Minimal Hardware Investment

It does not require internet connection to continue auditing but periodically the tablet must be synchronised.



All data is siloed, totally secured and fully password protected.


Saves Time and Money

You save money on paper, photocopying, storing of archives etc.


Minimal Infrastructure Investment

The upfront investment is minimal so the payback will be evident quickly.



You drive efficiency focusing your time on resolving issues rather than filling in paperwork about the issues.

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Audittech demo

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