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Health & Safety

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Health & Saftey

Health and Safety is the most important practice in a production environment. The Health & Safety module allows you to ensure mandatory checks are performed to your defined schedule; conducting fast, detailed inspections without cumbersome paperwork. Non-specific hazard reporting can be raised in real time through the use of mobile tablet computers.

In every business – big or small health and safety compliance is a critical element of the business for which managers, owners and directors are ultimately responsible, governed by strict compliance rules the need to be pro active not reactive is essential.

The Solution can be configured to report from small sites, big sites, remote sites and to a central head office using the Cloud based reporting software the solution ensures compliance with the business Health and safety Programme is easily visible from any location using any Internet connected device.

Incident Reporting Module

The Incident reporting Module has been developed to provide an accurate tool for reporting Incidents, Accidents and Near Miss Issues.

With a pre defined question routine the module ensures all the required detail for the Inspectorate or insurers has been correctly documented Including Recording of Interviews, Images and Text.

Ensure your staff have time to work, not paperwork

Audittec Ensures those that need to do … do and those that need to know … know

Health and Safety Phones

The Audittec Health and Safety Modules ensures  Audits, Inspections and Incidents are reported Timely, Accurately and available instantly to the Management Team.

  • It guarantees that your auditors are always using the updated version of each audit.
  • It provides instant real-time reports and analysis of the completed audits and status by department.
  • It helps you to eliminate the paper from the process not to mention the storing of months and years of records.
  • It ensures your non-compliance log is always up to date and those not closed out are constantly being flagged.
  • It ensure's all your audits and Audit data are in one place easily accessed and viewed from any location or device.
small investment – no more paper – less hassle
right first time, what could be better?

audit ready everyday

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