Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures are the backbone to ensuring a safe and compliant workplace. The Audittec S.O.P module examines your operators to ensure all procedures are carried out and performed correctly. Questions and illustrations are used to determine an operator's capability.

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Furthermore, the use of SOPs and SSOPs promotes quality through consistent implementation of a process, task or job.


Also, if clearly written, SOPs and SSOPs can minimize miscommunication and variation between individuals or organizations.

Using the Audittec SOP module to manage your SOPs ensures;

  • Unlimited ability for users with specific permissions to amend, re-publish and train SOP’s as the process/layout of your factory changes.
  • Only those trained to complete an SOP can see and conduct the SOP relating to their task/training.
  • Use tablet technology to record compliance to the SOP’s and take mandatory pictures to prove the SOP has been completed to the correct standard.
  • If a task isn’t completed correctly, it will escalate it up the chain (for example to a supervisor) and prompt the task to be checked.
  • Ensure users are trained to the latest version of SOPs – no excuses for not performing the task correctly.
  • All steps are recorded in the system, assigned a user ID so conformance to the standard is constantly being checked.
  • Reduce the paperwork burden – all completed SOP’s are digitally stored and can be reported in a highly flexible way (i.e. automated reports/dashboards showing your data).
Conduct Standard Operating Procedure

The Audittec Standard Operating Procedure Module ensures tasks (such as pre-start checks, equipment cleaning etc) are completed on time and to the correct standard. Any deviations from this are automatically reported up the chain for Management to investigate.

  • It helps you to eliminate the paper from the process not to mention the storing of years of paper records.
  • It guarantees that your users are always using the correct version of the SOP.
  • It ensures all your data is available in one place easily accessed and viewed from any location or device.
  • It provides instant real-time alerts, reports & analysis of completed SOPs & status by department, site or factory.
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