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In every industry, there are colleagues constantly carrying out compliance checks. Start up checks, temperature checks, weight checks, packing accuracy checks, the list goes on. The rigour, accuracy and follow up where problems are identified, can save you time, money and avoid having a dissatisfied customer. But so much of those checks are still carried out on paper, not acted upon promptly and sometimes forgotten, increasing the risks to your Company.

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AUDITTEC TECPOINTS application helps you by:

- Having all your checks carried out on a tablet, timed, date stamped and if they are forgotten or delayed immediately and automatically alerting the relevant manager.

- Eliminating a vast amount of paper from your processes not to mention helping you overcome the challenge of archiving and retrieving documents.

- Avoiding waste by stopping start up when the production line is set up incorrectly or hygiene regimes have not been respected or over weights are driving give away or equipment failure results in product falling outside temperature parameters and so on and so on.

- Delivering many other benefits (see below)

Why not let AUDITTEC TECPOINTS application help you

  • Allowing you to create all the checks your business needs.
  • Using the tablet with every observation recorded in real time and date stamped.
  • Supporting findings with photographic evidence where necessary.
  • Sending automatic alerts when out of tolerances or non-conformances are found.
  • Alerting you when checks are not carried out or not carried out on time.
  • Escalating non compliances when corrective action is required but not carried out on time.
  • Providing you with a suite of management reports but also helping you identify costly trends.
  • Storing all data in a siloed, totally secure and fully password protected system.
  • Making sure your minimal upfront investment delivers a solid payback quickly.
  • Making it easy for you to add additional checks by just editing, updating and your colleagues will then always be using the most recently published check.
  • Helping you save money on paper, photocopying, storing of archives etc. You drive efficiency focusing your time on resolving issues rather than filling in paperwork about the issues.
small investment – no more paper – less hassle
right first time, what could be better?

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