SG Systems is a manufacturing traceability solution by Audit Trail Technologies.

Audit Trail specialises in manufacturing traceability solutions. We are known for using creativity and resources to solve traceability challenges, particularly in complex manufacturing processes.

Our systems are used in many industrial sectors and our solution generates a rapid financial return by streamlining the weighing & materials handling processes.  This reduces costly ingredient giveaway associated with production.

The system ensures each weighed ingredient has enforced +/- unique tolerances, preventing recipe completion until all ingredients are weighed using the green speedometer style target zone.

The systems scans and validates lot numbers, providing real time inventory usage and eliminating costly traceability paperwork.  

Hundreds of configuration options exist in the standard system, enabling each workstation to be setup to handle many applications including batch, campaign and combination weighing.

The V5 Formula Control Scale System system provides effortless compliance with BRC, FDA, FSMA, and many other quality standards.


Our SG Solutions


Control Centre Software

SG Systems V5 Control Center Software allows setup and control of key daily production and inventory control requirements.Core modules include WMS (Sales Order & Purchase Order Picking), Recipe Formulation (BOM Setup), Production Planning & Scheduling, Finished Product Creation & Label Setup, SPC, Quality Assurance & Operator Privileges.

Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management System is an ideal option for customers looking to expand the V5 Production Systems to manage inventory, WIP & finished products.

Formula Control and Lot Traceability

SG Systems V5 Formula Control Scale System is the perfect way to ensure ingredients are measured & traced accurately and consistently, without costly giveaway or out of specification batches.

Bulk Ingredient Traceability

V5 Bulk Ingredient Control System is the perfect way to ensure high volume, bulk fed dry or liquid ingredients are accounted for and tracked accurately (Mixed or Separated Lots). The system ensures traceability of automatic bulk ingredient movements from silos to the mixer, preventing costly ‘pull everything’ recall situations.

Product Labelling

SG Systems V5 Product Labeling System is the perfect way to ensure finished products are identified accurately and consistently, with a direct link to the manufactured batches.

Statistical Process Control

V5 Statistical Process Control System (SPC) enables sample check weighing of WIP and finished products, providing quality assurance and accurate weight trend statistical monitoring.

ERP Accounts Integration

ERP Gateway from SG Systems is an optional module created to speed up the transfer of electronic data between software systems (customer ERP / MRP or Accounting System and the SG Systems Production Traceability System).

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