Vehicle Checks

Vehicle Checks

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Vehicle Checks

Vehicle Defect Checking is vital for both Drivers and Operators as the focus on compliance and roadworthiness is greater than ever and a mandatory requirement for many vehicle classes. Our totally customisable, paperless, cloud-based system of defect checking is fast becoming the preferred way to conduct your checks…

The Audittec Transport Module provides a totally customisable platform to electronically record any defects or areas for attention for drivers. It also provides drivers with the confidence that their vehicle is good working order – with previous open defects being highlighted and providing assurance that the vehicle MOT’s and Tax are current.

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Key Benefits include

  • Real time defect reporting.
  • Secure data storage.
  • Full audit trail
  • No paper storage costs.
  • No need for additional hardware – conduct your checks on your existing android or windows
    enabled phone or tablet with ease.

Immediate reporting is then available in your operation centre, where managers can keep a handle on Compliance and Roadworthiness. Any defects recorded are automatically escalated through email on a pre-defined path depending on the severity of the defect.

The application can be used both online or offline – allowing drivers to record results, cache their data and when a wifi or 3G data connection is within range, to sync them back to the office.

Only a driver who is licensed to drive a vehicle can perform checks – ensuring that drivers with different class’ of vehicles cannot drive vehicles they’re not licensed for.


Used for:

Walk around checks

With completely customisable vehicle walk around checks – ensure that any defects are instantly reported to your operation team with your pictures and comments, without the need for tedious paper-based systems. Having our app-based solution will really streamline your business!

Mileage Validation

Audittec Transport Module has validation against odometer readings from previous checks. Validation ensures you that you have accurate mileage readings on a daily basis. Maximise your fleet’s performance by ensuring that your vehicles are serviced on schedule, eliminating avoidable costs from vehicle failure.

Instant Notifications

You will be immediately notified about any vehicle problems via email. Managers can then track performance of their fleet – so they know if there are any issues reported and what the status to fixing them. Through the Management Dashboard you are able to maintain your fleet and it can even make driver debrief easier with any issues with vehicle issues being able to discuss live at the time.

For a system that can be used on any vehicle from a HGV to a Forklift. From a bus to a boat, that’s totally customisable and real time, call us to discuss the Audittec Vehicle Check Module. Giving you time to work, not paperwork!

small investment – no more paper – less hassle
right first time, what could be better?

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